All In All...

"You are my life, you are my love, you are my reason. You are my hope, you are my joy, you are my passion. My all in all, Jesus my all in all..."

I've had this worship song stuck in my head recently and because of this, I have been challenged with this question: Is Jesus truly my all in all? Is he the only thing that I desire? When it comes to stresses and trials, do I cling to Him first and foremost? Am I living a life that puts on display that Jesus is my all and my everything?

If I'm being honest? No. I get caught up in my own desires far to often. For me it is a daily battle to keep my eyes fixed on Him and on His plan for me, and to put my own fleshly desires and plans aside in order to pick up and put on His plans for my life. For me, seasons of trials are always easier to focus on Jesus! I cling to Him harder, I press in with more fervency. My personal downfall is when I don't keep Him at the forefront of my mind in seasons of blessings and peace. In those seasons I feel strong, like I can do anything! I begin to get caught up in what can do rather than what Jesus wants to do through me! 

This is exactly why worship is so important to me. It gets my eyes off of myself and off of my current circumstance and its gets my eyes on Heaven and on Jesus. It reminds me how temporary this life is and how I need to store up "treasures in Heaven..." rather than focusing on things that will last for the next 10-50 years. 

Today, let's be encouraged to get our eyes off of ourselves. Lets focus on Jesus more. Let's worship Him, and press into what HE has for us. Let's serve other with a great expectancy of what He will do in us and through us. Let's live our lives in a way that puts on display that Jesus really is our everything!