Have No Fear, Dear Soldier

When I was younger, I let fear run and ruin my life. From the ages of about 9 to 15, I spent almost every night awake, staring at my ceiling, and being filled with fearful thoughts. It was a constant battle that I felt like I couldn’t overcome. It became a crippling thing that I allowed to rule my life. I couldn’t stay the night with my friends without calling my parents to pick me up. I could barely stay at my grandparents house a mile away from home without being so filled with fear that I made myself sick. By the time I was a freshman, I could stay the night at friend’s houses for one night, but that was about it. My previous church took the high school kids to a summer camp for a week that was 12 hours away. I wanted to go so badly! I was fearful of having trouble sleeping or having anxiety while I was there, so I resolved in my heart that I wasn’t going to go. My loving parents told me that they knew it was a good idea for me to take a step of faith and go, so tearfully and fearfully I packed my bag and went. Needless to say God changed my life. The burden of fear and anxiety was lifted from my shoulders and He showed me that when I fully surrender to Him, He will lift me up and catapult me into the amazing plans He has for my life. 

As believers we don’t have to be fearful of anything or anyone! Philippians 1:28 tells us that we should not be terrified by our adversaries because we have security in our salvation. We know as believers and followers of Jesus Christ that our eternal destination is with Him in heaven. Scripture tells us in 2 Timothy 2:3-4, “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life…”. This life will always be a battle. We fight for our relationship with Christ. We fight for faith and against fear. We fight from the victory of Christ’s redemptive love and power! We don’t have to be filled with fear! Christ’s death on the cross crushed fear forever!

Friends, don’t let fear of man or fear of the world run your life and taint your relationship with Christ. We are saved by His death. We are set apart. We are untouchable. We know that in Him we are free from fear, we are cleansed of sin, and we are coheirs to His kingdom! Lets pray today that we are filled with crazy faith in our God. He is moving, he is active, and He is alive! He is ready to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think! Let’s live in a way that reflects our total faith and trust in Him!