Not a Choice

Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”

Worship is not a choice. Worship is not something we can simply turn off or on. By our nature we are in a constant state of worship. What we can chose, however, is to where and to whom this passion will be devoted to.

If we idolize another person, thinking of them only, aspiring to do exactly as they do and heap mounds of praise upon them, we worship them. If we allow an item to swallow our mind and our drives, we worship it. If we permit an anxiety or worry to consume our every decision and thought, we give power to it and worship it. Even if we chose to look only to ourselves for sustainability and think highly of who we are, we are then worshipping the idol titled “I.”

God created us with a naturally worshipful mindset. Why wouldn’t a creator so magnificent, create beings intended to bring honor and glory back Him? This drive we possess is meant to be utilized for the sole purpose of lavishing our praises back to our King. Christ needs to become our passion. Otherwise our praises will begin to flow to other venues. If Christ is not our passion and purpose than how can we expect to throw all glorification we can muster towards Him?

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about something we do, whether singing, music, art, writing, whatever it may be.  In fact it is a wonderful thing to do something God has given you a passion for. Only we must ask ourselves the question, is our passion in this ability derived from a longing and desire to use it for His Kingdom? If it is not for His Kingdom it is by deduction for a worldly kingdom, or a kingdom based upon self-glorification.

As I have said, worship is not a choice. Every day we will find ourselves in adoration of something. Although, we will also be faced with a choice every day as well. What will I worship today? Will I choose to fulfill my purpose and walk in the joy God has for me? Or will I choose to give my attention and passion to something fleeting and passing? Let us be worshippers of a cause that is so worth the adoration we have to naturally give. We all have a song of praise on our lips. Chose to lift your song upwards towards Christ and lift His name higher today.